Pure Action: Trackdays, Dynamic Driving and Drift Trainings

Torpedo Run is legal action coming along with unfogettable memories and fun on four wheels. To close the gap between the annual Torpedo Run we plan to offer dynamic driving and drift trainings as well as trackdays. Not only Torpedo Runners are invited, but also every other car enthusiast!

Events, Trackdays und Trainings
Torpedo Run Events, Trackdays und Trainings

Every car enthusiast knows the meaning of drifting. You know the famous movie scenes or rally pros sliding with their cars in an elegant way through corners. Here you can learn to drift on race tracks - taught by skilled professionals.

What about a trackday or a dynamic driving training on one of the most challenging race tracks in the world: the Nuerburgring-Nordschleife in Germany? 73 corners, blind corners behind crests, bumps and dips await you there. The "Green Hell" gives you 20.8 kilometers of sheer fun. With the Torpedo Run you can learn the dynamic way of driving on this and other race tracks.

Torpedo Run History
Torpedo Run History

Not for the faint-hearted: If you want to feel like a Formula 1 star, you can speed as a co-pilot in a race taxi on a race circuit, e. g. in the official F1 safety car of 2001. The professional pilot moves up to the limit to give you a once in a lifetime experience.

You can master the extreme at our offroad events while driving through mud, gravel and dirt. Cope with extreme grades and steep slopes. The off-road vehicles are provided to go astray and to experience a real adventure.

Torpedo Run History
Torpedo Run History

Power in the Powder: Ice and snow deliver a lot of driving fun, especially while drifting, turning and accelerating. Not possible on our streets, you can learn during our snow training controlled and action-packed driving on icy roads. After a training our participants will have the chance of free driving and drifting on special handing circuits. The temperature is cold, but the action is hot.

If you want to participate in these action-packed events and to get to know your personal limits with professional assistance, just put your name down. Of course we do not pass your data to third parties.

Please fill out all fields, to keep you in the loop. We will inform you regularly about possible events as well as the prices of our trainings, trackdays etc.

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