The Road Trip Across Europe

This is not a mission for the weak of heart and it has one name: Torpedo Run. This exclusive event is a real extraordinary automobile party, which impresses by pure driving pleasure, breathtaking action-events, gourmet pleasures, luxury hotels and glamour. New challenges and exciting events are going to await you at all times to give you a memorable time. All adds up to a weekend of a lifetime!

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In total there are three days loaded with fun and action: this year’s route offers an extreme variety and new experiences every day. Salzburg (Austria) - Vienna (Austria) - Lienz (Austria) - Lake Garda (Italy) are the destinations of the extraordinary mobile party. Naturally, the following night from Sunday to Monday is included in the participation fee.

Enter now the Torpedo Run
Enter now the Torpedo Run

Whoever thinks they have the determination for a great mobile party as its best, should enter the Torpedo Run.

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Torpedo Run